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OOCL initiates measures to protect staff against coronavirus

Release time: 2020-02-12   Browsing:174次

HONG Kong's Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL), now a Cosco unit, says it has introduced measures to ensure the health and safety of its staff globally, both at sea and onshore, in view of the current coronavirus situation.

At the same time, the shipping line stressed that it has taken appropriate steps across its global network to maintain high levels of service to customers.

"We have been aware that many countries have taken precautionary measures related to the coronavirus and issued guidance to commercial vessels and seafaring professionals to follow when conducting business and operations in their respective jurisdictions," OOCL said in a statement.

The company emphasised that it takes safety and security very seriously and fully respected the rules and regulations of the local authorities where the shipping line operates.

"We have taken various measures to mitigate the potential effects on our vessel schedules and operations, including vessel speed adjustments to meet the quarantine requirement by some countries when necessary and maintain crew members on board the vessel if they embarked from ports in China in order to comply with port authority regulations."
Meanwhile, OOCL announced the cancellation of a total of 31 Trans-Pacific round-trip sailings until the end of February due "to the market downturn in the Lunar New Year period".