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Providing high quality, safe and efficient logistics and transportation service for foreign customers

About Us

  • Characterized by the import an
    dangerous goods and own tanks
  • Domestic and international shi
    air and inland transportation
  • Developed overseas agents for
    have spread across all continents

Hengcheng International Supply Chain Co.,Ltd. was established in 2005, with NVOCC qualification, is the WIFFA chief member, ITCO member. Its main business is tank International logistics and it has a large number of its own tanks and many years of logistics operation experience in transporting the hazardous products, as well as the professional technology and operational team. The company is constantly committed to the development of domestic and foreign networks. At present, the tank service has been all over any port and area except the war zone. It can carry out the import and export business of major ports around the world and local dimension inspection and cleaning business and provide a one-stop container logistics services for different customers to meet the their needs.